Creating a unified voice for Channel Island investment management firms

Set up in November 2020, the Channel Islands Wealth Management Association enables our members to collaborate while continuing to uphold the highest standards of professional development and integrity.

Our Principles

Since our inception, the association has provided a platform from which our members are able to broadcast their thoughts to the industry and the regulator. Our member firms have been working closely together so that we, as a sector, are well placed to embrace new concepts and opportunities.
We have three key work groups in education, diversity and technology, and a strong committee made up of individuals from firms which represent our membership profile. These range from the largest of global firms to smaller boutique operators and highly experienced individuals. The CIWMA continues to focus on a number of key issues facing the industry, including the need to attract a broader base of talent to the sector.
We are continually identifying trends that will impact the wealth management industry and preparing our members for any changes that may arise. We have a responsibility to our members to ensure that the Channel Islands are in tune with global industry initiatives and act accordingly so that the islands are leading the way.

Who we are

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Simon O’Donoghue


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Mehul Kotedia


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Sinead Allen


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Catherine Taylor

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Euan Dangerfield

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Richard Hughes

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The CIWMA has hosted a number of events examining a variety of topics, all of which are very well attended. 2022 has also seen the CIWMA co-ordinate with the Channel Island Financial Ombudsman, discussing issues and opportunities facing the industry. We had discussions with bankers and Jersey Finance on difficulties with opening offshore bank accounts as well as the adoption of open banking.
We currently have no upcoming events.

CIWMA Christmas Drinks

Wednesday 21st December

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